At Agrante we don’t invent things; we redefine them.

Our aim is to discover the reasons of discontent in existing things and then refine it for you. We have a name for it – it’s called Perfection.

Agrante stands for Leadership, Unity, Flow and Aggression while working towards Perfection with complete Humility. Our futuristic vision and beyond the scope outlook, makes us prepare ourselves to deliver the best.Unit Identity

Meaning- Agrante means ‘Leading’.

It is what we stand for. We are the leaders who are expected to lead the change. That is why one of our main aims is to innovate and then initiate the changes that are good.

Color- Red

The color Red represents our aggression. Our aggression is positive and driven by our passion to deliver the best for you.


Our attitude and passion don’t hinder the humility towards our challenge to create the best for you and we represent this with the use of lower case letters in our corporate logo.

Tagline-“taking you onwards”

We believe in cumulative progress and whatever we do, we keep YOU in mind. We aim for the peak and intend to take you along with us. Our tagline makes it clear, that whatever endeavours we undertake, we do them for you.
Symbol Identity
This symbol represents our strength and the traits of the unifying qualities we possess while leading.

The red symbol stands for us – the leaders and black stands for the followers. Even though we are the leaders, we have a responsibility to set an example for others. Leadership always comes with responsibility.

We are Agrante.
We march ahead to explore undiscovered possibilities for your comfort. Anything we do, is done with ‘YOU’ in mind, and the thoughts of your comfort and happiness.